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Precision services: complete site development or single repair.


Commercial Services

Competent, efficient, dependable sub-contractor completing all phases of site work.  Are you a plumber or other trade company looking to outsource the utilities portion of your project?  Have you accumulated an excess of projects and need utilities installed?  BSDG can accommodate your commercial project needs quickly and affordably. 

Residential Services

We do residential fixes too!  Do you have water pooling or bad grading/contouring of your property?  Do you need a septic tank system, drain field, or a new water line?  These are the types of services we provide everyday for our residential customers.

Services include:

Pipe Installation

Inlet Installation (all types)

Culvert Construction


Lift Stations


Pond Excavation



Land Clearing

Underground Ponds

Grease Traps

Sewer Lateral Repair

Roof Drain Systems

Road and Driveway Utility Crossings

Backflow Prevention

Fireline and FDC Installation

Fire Hydrants

Valve Installation

Mechanical Joints

Pump Replacement